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Total Alignment

This book helps you define the vision and strategies that support your company’s mission and ensures that the roles, responsibilities and goals of each member or your organization are clear and aligned for success. A blueprint for businesses of all types and sizes this guide will help you align your day-to-day operations, business strategies, and build a strong management team to help you achieve breakthrough results, sustained growth, and a high performing workforce.

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Achieving Total Alignment

This book tells the story of a CEO who has great plans for his company and needs his team to be aligned. You will discern the symptoms of misalignment and its remedy through this engaging story. You will learn how to unify your team around an inspiring mission and vision , how to align strategy, and how to assign accountability to the right levels of the organization.

(Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese)

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One Page Management eBook

If you want to become a star performer and advance your career, this internationally recognized business classic is a book you don’t want to miss. Any jobholder can use One Page Management to greatly improve his or her performance. Its simple yet profound concepts can be implemented by one individual, a department or by the entire company.

(Available in both English and Spanish)

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E-learning for Total Alignment

Learn the concepts of Total Alignment at your own pace virtually. Work your way through each of the topics with our easy to use and effective method. There are ten topics in all - each covers one of the modules that make up Total Alignment. The virtual method is ideal for individual study or for company use. It allows an entire department to learn the concepts, methods and skills needed for a company wide application of Total Alignment.

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TOPS - The One Page Software

TOPS is a web-based software that facilitates the implementation of the concepts of Total Alignment in an organization. It is designed to serve as the tool for each person to track his or her performance, and the performance of direct and indirect reports, so that all can maintain focus and alignment. It serves both as an information system and a management system.

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An Hour with the Infoman

Schedule a one-hour virtual meeting with the Infoman and benefit from his expertise. Discuss challenges in your work environment and receive his insights based on his twenty-five years of consulting experience.

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