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Implementing Total Alignment

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Achieve a Change in Culture

In addition to cost savings resulting from reducing the alignment gaps, your organization will be strengthened for future growth through:

  • Unity around your vision
  • Clear accountability at all levels
  • Empowerment and decision-making at lower levels
  • Future orientation at upper levels
  • Strategic orientation at all levels
  • Enhancement of creativity and innovation

  • A common language throughout your company
  • Disappearing silos through better teamwork
  • Culture of solutions replaces culture of excuses
  • A universal performance dashboard for management
  • Best practices available to all managers
  • Compensation linked to performance

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Our Consulting Approach

We know that you are already a successful company and have implemented many valuable initiatives. Our alignment process retains, strengthens, unifies and aligns your existing systems to power your next stage of growth. The process starts at the top of your organization and cascades down. Our role is to facilitate the process with your own resources, and to share our knowledge, methodologies and experience.

We don’t send an army of consultants for a long period to lead your alignment effort. Alignment is your job. Our consultants will facilitate the main steps of the alignment process at your facility or offsite. We will then train, certify and accompany your in-house team. Our consultants will accompany your in-house team virtually or in person between visits to assure quality in the implementation process. With this approach, you become self-sufficient with your own team in charge, and able to sustain alignment over time.

We don’t just analyze your situation and tell you what to do. Our expertise is in helping you implement an effective solution that delivers long-term results and benefits. We provide a set of integrated tools to facilitate the implementation.

We don’t implement someone else’s methodology. We are the creators of our Total Alignment process. We involve the strategic planning, quality and human resources departments in the conversation to maximize the alignment and gain ownership of those areas. We help you ensure that the strategy and the budgeting process are aligned.

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Before you begin implementation, it is important to know the current state of alignment in your organization and where your alignment gaps could be. You will need a strategy for closing those alignment gaps, one that takes into account your culture and your existing reality.

We help you assess how aligned you are, what misalignment is costing you, and what implementation strategy will work best in your environment. Together, we will determine the timeline. We will then present the costs and expected benefits. This will help you to make an informed decision that will benefit your organization for years to come.


There are four main steps in our Total Alignment implementation:

  • Constructing the foundation for alignment – building unity around the definition of your mission, vision, values and strategy, and converting this definition into measurable progress indicators through our proprietary Alignment Map.
  • Defining individual scorecards for your people –assigning accountability for the progress indicators of the Alignment Map.
  • Tracking alignment – installing an information system to track performance of the scorecards.
  • Managing resources to improve results – implementing our proprietary twin management processes to deliver results.

Constructing the Foundation

As a successful company, you no doubt have statements of mission, vision, values and strategy. We help you take a second look at your current definitions by asking challenging questions that prompt you to take out overlaps, to enhance their quality and build commitment and unity around them.

With a unified understanding of these basic prerequisites of alignment, we help you convert the intent of your statements into measurable progress indicators. We then help you organize them around a simple diagram we have developed called the Alignment Map. This map will serve as the foundation for alignment.

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Consulting Support For:

Defining Individual Scorecards

Our highly qualified team of consultants facilitates the application of our proprietary methodology to assign the progress indicators that emerge from the Alignment Map to all jobholders in your organization. The deliverables in this process are aligned individual scorecards.

Your executive team and representatives from common jobs will be engaged in the conversation, and will contribute their knowledge and experience to assure quality and commitment to the scorecards. We then oversee the seamless integration of your company’s budgeting and goal-setting process with the scorecards and link the scorecard performance to compensation.

Tracking Performance in the Scorecards

You already have some type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as SAP, Oracle, etc. that gives you information about your company’s progress. The information reported in these systems usually is not configured to provide feedback on each individual’s scorecard performance, nor capture the activities that emerge from the feedback.

We complement your systems by helping you install our software, TOPS – The One Page System on your server. We assist your IT department to link TOPS to your ERP system. TOPS will then provide the dashboard necessary for tracking information, managing resources, and seamlessly integrating with all the tools and tactics of Total Alignment. We train your in-house resources to operate TOPS and serve as a help desk for this system.

A New Management Model to Improve Results

Our proprietary twin management processes of team review and vertical review combine to focus your entire organization on improving results. Team review turns the focus of your natural teams upwards and to the future. It engages them in developing action plans to improve the scorecard of the team leader. This process makes your natural teams more strategic and future oriented.

Vertical review changes the emphasis of your traditional performance reviews to coaching instead of evaluation, increases the frequency of such meetings to monthly, and thereby becomes a powerful instrument for developing talent at every level of your organization.

Our consultants will train your top team in the methodologies behind the twin process, and will coach them to become fluent in facilitating team reviews and vertical reviews.

Project Management and Change Management

You will be asked to assign a high-level project manager for the alignment initiative, and to form a steering group that will make important decisions related to implementation. Your project manager should be reporting directly to the CEO, as Total Alignment is an important leadership tool for the CEO.

We also will assign a project manager with expertise in managing Total Alignment projects. Our project manager will bring experience in managing change to minimize resistance and expedite implementation.