The One Page Software

Establishing Alignment is Not Enough

Track Progress and Ensure That
Your Team Stays Aligned

TOPS – The One Page Software is a web-based software that facilitates the implementation of the concepts of Total Alignment in an organization. It is designed to serve as the tool for each person to define his or her priorities, maintain focus and alignment on a day-to-day basis. It serves both as an information system and a management system.

TOPS as an information system

TOPS as an Information System

This software receives information from the company ERP systems or through manual entry and provides feedback information to each manager on his or her performance as well as performance exceptions from direct reports.

  • The organizational chart is loaded into the software (with photos and short bios).
  • Key Performance Indicators and Initiatives are loaded into the software.
  • Data can be entered or imported from the company database.
  • Three One Page Reports are produced for each individual with the capability of clicking to see graphs, history and goals of each factor.
  • A Summary Management Report illustrating an overview of performance for the whole team at each level of the organization becomes available to each manager.
  • With the drill down capability, the manager is able to get to the bottom of any problem no matter how far down it resides, and is able to reward outstanding performance at any level because information is truly transparent.
TOPS as a Management System

TOPS as a Management System

Best management practices have been embedded into this software in the form of templates and tools to enable all managers to improve their productivity. The software provides the mechanism for linking compensation with contribution and includes the following:

  • Agendas for team meetings and one-on-one meetings can be easily created through this software and distributed through an email mechanism.
  • The twin processes of team review and vertical review are facilitated through simple templates.
  • Commitments with deadlines are handled in the software with email notifications and reminders for follow up.
  • Action plans for improvement of each Performance Indicator can be developed using a simple template that captures tasks and deadlines and email notifications.
  • Contribution of each individual to the results of the company is calculated and combined with his or her aligned efforts to produce a contribution index that can be used in distributing annual or quarterly bonuses.