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Your Journey to Alignment Will Be More Successful with a Guide

Nasr Khadem
COO of Infotrac

We’ve Developed Concepts to Align Everyone in an Organization With a Unified Vision and Strategy

Infotrac offers a unique and creative approach to aligning organizations. Our proprietary system has been developed organically through many years of consulting with thousands of managers worldwide. We depart from mainstream practices and introduce new concepts, tools, and methodologies that work together to advance the people in an organization toward a common goal. Our system works in every industry and in companies of all sizes. Yet, it is flexible to be customized to fit the specific needs and culture of your organization.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • You will experience an alignment solution that is comprehensive and includes accountability, competency, behaviors and compensation.
  • You will have highly qualified multi-lingual certified consultants assigned to your project.
  • You will benefit from the expertise and experience we have gained during twenty five years of aligning organizations.
  • You will learn to use the effective methodologies and tools we have developed to make the process seamless.
  • Your own resources will be trained so that you will become self-sufficient.
  • The alignment you will achieve is sustainable over many years, even decades.

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How We Got Here

Infotrac, Inc. is an international management consulting firm founded in 1984 by Dr. Riaz Khadem to help organizations streamline their management processes, reduce information overload and enable rapid growth and increased profitability.

The concepts you can benefit from now emerged from our consulting experience with companies in the manufacturing, food, beverage, insurance, banking, and retail sectors around the world.

In 1986, the book One Page Management  was released in the US to share the innovative insights and concepts with managers worldwide. Subsequently, it has been published in Latin America and Europe, in a total of thirteen countries.

After helping companies transform themselves using those principles, we realized there is a core issue that inhibits success for all but the most vitally aware companies. This is a lack of alignment, which is to say different people and departments in a company all affected by an unconscious lack of clarity, impeded by murky direction and overwhelmed by competing agendas.

To address this problem efficiently, we wrote our next book, Total Alignment to embody the concepts we use with our clients to help them get their teams aligned from top to bottom. When a company totally aligns their systems, processes and people with their strategies, the results are rapid and unparalleled. Progress becomes inevitable, morale increases and team members experience clarity, unity and synergy.

How to Totally Align Your Team

Our certified Total Alignment consultants are highly qualified to help you and your organization implement, and benefit from these integrated processes.

The first step is a conversation with a consultant at Infotrac, to ascertain your precise needs, challenges and goals. If it is evident that working with our world-class systems will bring you the success you desire, you will be paired with a top level consultant who will personally supervise our consulting team and work with you for the duration of the project to achieve your goals.

We believe in providing the highest quality support so you will get the highest quality results in the shortest amount of time possible. Our consulting team will be at your service and will strive to ensure that every aspect of your re-alignment process proceeds in a positive and efficient manner.

At Infotrac, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service to you and your team. We commit to being responsive to your needs, concerns and requests. We consider it our privilege to make you more successful and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results that implementing the Total Alignment process will invariably bring to your organization.

About Our Consulting Package

We know that the tools you need to bring about Total Alignment in your organization must themselves be totally aligned. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive set of integrated processes, systems, methodologies, materials and software. Our web-based software “TOPS” serves as the engine of alignment, seamlessly connecting the implementation tools and simplifying their application. These tools address a variety of topics that organizations are faced with from mission, vision and values to strategy, execution, competency development and compensation.

Total Alignment Tools and Tactics for Streamlining Your Organization

A lively story filled with engaging characters allows the reader to move along at a rapid and effortless pace, almost unaware of the great amount of learning that is taking place. Using a proven system of questions and assessments, all major management issues are identified and addressed in a clear and cohesive manner. Exciting new concepts are outlined and explained.

This book will give you a systematic process to align your organization – the strategies, the priorities, the projects, the behaviors, the competencies, and the compensation using a state of the art software tool.

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“Total Alignment gives us a solid framework to move an organization to high levels of performance with a set of powerful concepts and the beauty of them is their simplicity, clarity and common sense.

Roberto Montelongo, COO, SOFTTEK, Global provider of process-driven IT solutions
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“I didn’t believe it at first. Now that we’ve implemented this management system, I can say for sure that it has exceeded our expectations. During the last year our operating income in real terms grew 54%, the business improved competencies and positioned itself for even greater results this year.

Julián Serrano Gutiérrez, CEO of OXXO stores during implementation, México
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“We now have a culture which generates ideas, is open and involves people. Sales and profitability are up considerably. This is because people are doing heroic things at the frontline.”

Steve Bedford, Group HR director of British Home Stores during implementation, UK
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